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Top 5 Cartier Pieces of Jewellery 2021

January 15, 2021 - Jewellery Articles
Who can resist the allure of Cartier’s iconic jewellery collections? Since their inception in 1847, Cartier has been celebrated for their playful and fierce jewellery. Beloved by generations of fashionistas and celebrities alike, Cartier’s jewellery has stood the test of time, with little deviation in their collections. Today, we’ll take a look at the top 5 Cartier pieces of jewellery and how they shaped the jewellery industry.


The Top 5 Cartier pieces of jewellery:

  1. Love Bracelet
  2. Trinity de Cartier Ring
  3. Juste un Clou Bracelet
  4. Panthere de Cartier Ring
  5. Diamants Legers Necklaces  

1. Love Bracelet

When you think of the top five Cartier pieces of jewellery, the first piece that pops into your mind is likely the Love bracelet. This iconic bracelet was created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo, and it was in fact his very first design for Cartier. The Love bracelet was inspired by the chastity belt with the idea that “love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”

The bracelet is adorned with a screw head motif and two subtle, removable screws. Rather than simply slipping the bracelet on the wearer’s wrist, it must be opened with a miniature screwdriver which splits the bracelet in two parts. Traditionally, the screwdriver is to be kept with the wearer’s partner, so that they are the only ones able to unlock it. Cipullo stated that, ”Design has to be part of function. That’s the secret of success. When you have function and design, married together, you always have a successful item.”

Louis Cartier gifted Love bracelets to high-profile celebrity couples such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as well as Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon. It is even rumoured that Cartier only allowed couples to be able to purchase Love bracelets, truly cementing its association with everlasting love. However, Love bracelets are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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2. Trinity de Cartier Ring

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When discussing the top 5 Cartier pieces of jewellery, we’d be remiss not to include one of Louis Cartier’s boldest and most colourful creations: the Trinity de Cartier ring. These rings consist of three interconnected bands of different gold types. Cartier designed these rings in 1924 at the request of French artist, writer and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau.

Each band represents the stages of a romantic relationship with white gold for friendship, yellow gold for fidelity and rose god for true love. Cartier’s artistic, image and strategy director, Pierre Rainero explained, “Not only is the design still very contemporary, but it was also very modern when created.” Today, Cartier offers variations for the Trinity rings include diamond encrusted bands, thin bands and bands neatly welded together. It’s no wonder why Trinity de Cartier rings are one of the brand’s longest running and beloved jewellery collection.

3. Juste un Clou Bracelet

The Juste un Clou Bracelet is another masterful creation from Aldo Cipullo. Created in 1971, it has since earned its spot among the top 5 Cartier pieces of jewellery. Cipullo excelled in making the ordinary exceptional, and by reimaging a simple nail he was able to produce the next iconic Cartier masterpiece. French for “Just a Nail,” this bracelet is made up of a bent nail that gracefully wraps around the wearer’s wrist. Cipullo stated that his jewellery, “is both functional and touchable, sleek and warm. It can be worn 24 hours a day without any problems in change of clothes.” Furthermore, Cipullo designed the Juste un Clou bracelet to reflect New York’s wild and independent spirit during the 1970s. The liberated spirit that the Juste un Clou bracelet encapsulates can still be felt as strongly as ever.
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4. Panthere de Cartier Ring

Cartier Pieces of Jewellery
Next on our list of the top 5 Cartier pieces of jewellery are is their Panthere de Cartier ring. Cartier’s signature fierce and playful panther originated in 1914 when Louis Cartier commissioned a painting of a woman sporting a long necklace with a panther at her feet. He loved this alluring painting so much that he used it in advertisements and it quickly became the symbol of Cartier. Cartier expert Geo Cramer explains that, “At the beginning of the twentieth century, big cats were en vogue for expressing femininity – in fact, the beast was seen as the ultimate expression of femininity.”


The first panther jewellery was made in 1935 by designer Jeanne Toussaint, “La Panthere” herself. Toussaint earned her sharp title thanks to her bold personality and feminine style which enticed Cartier. She was unafraid to include patterns in her jewellery, despite this being uncommon at the time. The Panthere rings were designed to look like the head of their namesake and were adorned with onyxes for the panther’s spots and emeralds for their sharp eyes. With a collection this fierce it’s clear why they rank among the top Cartier pieces of jewellery.

5. Diamants Legers Necklaces

Wrapping up our list of the top Cartier pieces of jewellery is the Diamants Legers necklace.

These elegant necklaces are comprised of diamonds in a bezel setting upon a delicate 18 karat gold chain. Each bezel has two rows of inner circles that increase in height with the round brilliant diamond sitting proudly in the centre. Diamants Legers necklaces range from a timeless solitaire diamond to multiple stones, evenly spaced along the chain. Not only are all of these diamonds of exceptional quality, but are also ethically sourced in accordance to Cartier’s strict mission statement.

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