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The 3 Best Ways to Sell Engagement Rings

August 24, 2018 - Jewelry Articles
Looking for the best way to sell engagement rings? With the endless array of selling options on the market, finding the best method to sell engagement rings can feel daunting. The good news is that when you work with the right buyer, selling your engagement ring can be a quick and entirely painless process. WP Diamonds makes selling engagement rings simple, fast and easy.

Why WP Diamonds? As expert diamond buyers, WP Diamonds provides the most competitive offers on the second-hand market thanks to our expert gemmologists and global connections. Our completely free and secure service has given us hundreds of positive customers reviews. We’ve detailed the 3 best ways to sell engagement rings with WP Diamonds so you can pick the selling option that best works for you.


Top 3 best ways to sell engagement rings:

  1. Online diamond buyers
  2. In-person appointments
  3. Trade-in


1. Online diamond buyers

Starting the 3 best ways to sell engagement rings is WP Diamonds’ safe and easy online selling option. Many of our clients enjoy selling their engagement rings online to us because of just how convenient the process is. We understand that not everyone has the time to meet with potential buyers, have their rings evaluated and priced in-person. When you sell your engagement ring online to WP Diamonds you have the advantage of completing our entire process around your schedule and from the comfort of your home. Anyone can sell their engagement ring to us via our online service.

Getting started with online selling process is easy:

  • Fill out our simple online form with information about your engagement ring and our expert gemmologists will shortly get back to you with a price quote.
  • If you agree with the initial quote and want to hear your final offer, we will provide you with a free Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack. These mailing packs are entirely secure, trackable and insured so you can rest assured knowing that your engagement ring will be safe in transit.
  • Once your engagement ring arrives at our office, you will receive notification of its arrival and it will be opened on camera. Our gemmologists will then promptly assess your ring and calculate a competitive offer.
  • We will contact you with a firm purchase price for your engagement ring and a detailed explanation of how we came to this price. The final price we give you is exactly how much you will be paid, as our service is without commissions or hidden fees deducted from your final offer. You can accept payment by bank transfer. However, if you would rather have your engagement ring returned to you, we will do so for free and with the same secure Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack. The entire online selling process can take as little as 48 hours, with everything done around your schedule.

Click the button below to get your offer.

2. In-person appointments

Next up on our list of the 3 best ways to sell engagement rings are WP Diamonds’ in-person appointments. For those who prefer to work with someone face-to-face for the entire selling process, we provide in-person appointments in various locations throughout the UK. With our in-person appointments, your engagement ring never leaves your sight. Your engagement ring will always be evaluated in-front of you by one of our expert gemmologists during your appointment.

Appointments are held in our modern, secure offices and typically last for 30 minutes, during which time your engagement ring will be evaluated and competitively priced. Our gemmologist will provide you with a thorough explanation of how your ring was priced. You may accept your payment through bank transfer. There is absolutely no cost to having an appointment nor is there an obligation to sell.

We host UK appointments to sell engagement rings in the UK in various locations:

  • Birmingham: Appointments are available every Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Our Birmingham address:

Studio 212/213B, The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street,

Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6NF, United Kingdom

  • London: Appointments are available on a monthly basis, please message us to schedule a time slot for the next appointment day.

Please contact our team or click the button below to schedule an appointment at your preferred location.

3. Trade-in

Our final method for the top 3 best ways to sell engagement rings with WP Diamonds is through our trade-in program. When you trade-in your engagement ring you will have the funds to go towards a new piece that you will really love, be it a bigger diamond ring, jewellery or a luxury watch. We will also add 10% onto your final offer in the form of store credit with our jewellery store partner.

3 Best Ways to Sell Engagement Rings

Trading-in your engagement ring with WP Diamonds is easy. To start, you will need to complete our simple online form with information about your engagement ring. After we contact you with a tight price quote, you can decide if you would like to mail-in your engagement ring to our office or schedule an appointment at one of our locations for your ring to receive a final evaluation. When you speak with our team, let them know that you want to pursue our trade-in program.

Once the final evaluation of your engagement ring is completed, we will provide you with the final price for your engagement ring plus the extra 10% you’ll receive through our trade-in program. Now you’re ready to upgrade to your perfect engagement ring, jewellery, or luxury watch.

As with our other selling methods, trading-in your engagement ring for a new piece is completely free, with no commissions or hidden fees. Do keep in mind that you will need to add VAT to the final price of the item that you are trading in for.

Click the button below to see what you can get when you trade-in your engagement ring with WP Diamonds.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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