Sell Recycled Diamonds

Sell breakout diamonds or recycled diamonds to WP Diamonds from anywhere in the UK. If you are looking to sell melee diamonds or larger stones do not hesitate to contact us.


Sell Recycled Diamonds for the Best Prices in the Industry

No Limits To What We Buy

We regularly buy diamonds from Pawnbrokers, Gold Buyers, Refiners, Retail Jewellers and Manufacturers. There is no limit on the number of carats we can buy as we are very well capitalised company with backing from a leading investment firm. We buy diamonds of all kinds and you can feel confident selling melee diamonds to specialists. We have detailed pricing for melee assortments which means that you can get exact pricing for the goods you have. We buy 20-30,000 carats monthly and no buy is too large or small.

We Pay the Same Day

We make same day payments for all buys as we realise that receiving money quickly is key in running your business. We aim to build trust as we seek to build long term relationships with our clients.

Safe and Secure

We operate across the United Kingdom. You can send us your goods for evaluation, free of charge and fully insured or we can arrange for a buyer to visit your premises for a personal assessment of your stock. We provide a professional and methodical evaluation of your melee and your larger stones and we will explain our offer clearly to you so that you understand the sale.

More Information on Recycled Diamonds

An established and professional diamond company, WP Diamonds has offices in New York, Birmingham (UK) and Hong Kong.

Sell recycled diamonds of all sizes and grades either loose or in second-hand diamond jewellery, from the very smallest melee to one carat and above. We remanufacture chipped, damaged and poorly cut diamonds to modern standards.

We are always looking to form new business partnerships or complete one-off trades. There is no transaction amount too large or too small and we transfer funds to you the same day.

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