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Fully Insured service

WP Diamonds offers a fully insured service through our insurers and Brinks. We ask that you post your items to us so that we can complete a full valuation completed by our expert team.

Brinks provide services to banks, financial institutions, governments, mines, diamond cutters, jewellery manufacturers and retailers worldwide. If you have any doubts about the insurance cover for your item please speak to a customer service representative (0121-288-8280).

We have selected the Royal Mail and Fedex to fulfill the delivery of your items to us. They both have an outstanding reputation for reliability and delivery and the next day services ensures you will get your expert valuation and cash as soon as possible.

In the extremely unlikely event of a claim, WP Diamonds will provide guidance and assistance. We open all of your items on camera when they arrive in the office and can use video evidence to aid the processing of any insurance claims. All items are covered up to £75,000 under our current insurance policy.

Items over £75,000 in value will be covered by special insurance arranged for you by WP Diamonds.

Royal Mail

If I want my items back will they be insured?

If we need for any reason to return your items this will also be covered by our insurance policy.

How much are items insured for?

We will insure your items for an amount which will cover their entire market worth. We insure all items individually so that you will never be in a situation where you lose money by dealing with WP Diamonds. Speak with a customer service representative to obtain the precise insurance figure.

Diamonds are valuable, will they be stolen?

It is extremely unlikely that there will be any problems with theft of your items. The insured  amount will not appear on the front of your pack, please DO NOT communicate to Royal Mail or anyone else the value or contents of the package. This is a normal precaution and will add to the safety of your items.

Tracking items sent to us

As soon as the Royal Mail scans your pack at the post office WP Diamonds will be able to track your package.

Contact Us About Insurance And Delivery

Please reach out to us at any time and an expert or a client manager will be able to handle your enquiry. We understand that sending your items to us can be a difficult decision and that’s why we have made our process safe and secure.

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