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Sell IWC Watches in the UK

June 8, 2018 - Watch Articles
Today it is easier than ever to sell IWC watches thanks to the plethora of luxury watch buyers. With the right buyer you can effortlessly sell your timepiece and enjoy additional funds in your wallet. But how to sell IWC watches to the best buyer? Keep reading as we evaluate the most popular luxury watch buyers as well as the best watch selling method so you quickly and easily can sell IWC watches for the best prices.


About IWC

IWC was founded in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones, an American engineer and watchmaker. Jones unified the unparalleled skills of Swiss watchmakers with modern American production technologies, and hydropower from a nearby river to produce high quality watches. IWC states that their philosophy is “based on a passion for watchmaking, untiring enterprise and perfect craftsmanship.”

how to sell IWC Watches in the uk

With innovations such as the Pallweber system which featured a digital hours and minutes display, the first chronograph titanium watch case and soft-iron inner case to protect the movement against damaging magnetic fields. With their exclusive designs, meticulous workmanship and commitment to horological advances, IWC has established themselves as one of the finest watchmakers.


Where to sell IWC watches

Below are some of the most popular places where you can sell IWC watches:


PROS: A local watch buyer who can quickly pay you in cash on the spot.

CONS: The offer you receive for your watch will likely be lower than what you could have been paid elsewhere. As pawnshop employees are not trained horologists who can accurately price your watch, they provide cautious offers to compensate for their lack of industry knowledge.


Auction Houses:

PROS: Auction houses have horologists on staff who can accurately price your watch.

CONS: Selling your IWC watch to an auction house is a waiting game. You must be willing to wait for an auction to be held and for your watch to actually be bought during an auction. Not only is this process long, but the auction house will take a percentage of your profits if the watch sells.


Hatton Garden:

PROS: Contently located in London, Hatton Garden offers a large number of watch buyers to select from. Some buyers may even pay you in cash.

CONS: Buyers employ high pressure sales tactics, making Hatton Garden a stressful environment. You will also need to be wary of potential unscrupulous buyers. Not all watch buyers are experienced horologists who can properly price your timepiece.


Online Ads:

PROS: You can create a private ad online with websites such as Facebook or eBay. With your own ad you are in complete control of how much you want to price your watch.

CONS: Online ads are another waiting game where you have no guarantee when or if your watch will sell. Without a rich understanding of the second-hand luxury watch market, setting an accurate price for your timepiece is difficult. Furthermore, not all buyers will feel comfortable buying a high value item from an unfamiliar seller, especially if the seller does not have a history of selling luxury watches.  As the seller, you must also be cautious of potential scammers.


WP Diamonds:

PROS: WP Diamonds are an established and international luxury watch buyer. We provide the fastest and safest way to sell your watches with the convenience of either selling online or via appointment. Our team of experienced horologists will evaluate your IWC watch and give you a competitive price in accordance to the second-hand market.

how to sell IWC Watches in the uk

Thanks to our internal presence and industry connections, we are able to provide you with strong offers for your timepieces as well as diamonds and jewellery. Backed by hundreds of positive customer reviews, you can feel confident selling your timepiece with WP Diamonds.

CONS: Limited locations for in-person appointments. We host appointments to sell IWC watches as well as any other watches, diamonds or jewellery in the UK, New York and Hong Kong. However, you can always sell IWC watches online.


How to sell IWC watches

Selling your IWC watch with WP Diamonds is a swift and seamless process. In a few simple steps you can sell IWC watches with WP Diamonds. Begin the selling process by completing our simple online form to receive a price quote for your IWC watch.


Click the button below to get your offer.

Once you receive this you can choose between two convenient options for getting a final price:

  • Mail-in your watch: You can mail-in your IWC watch through our free and highly secure mailing service from anywhere in the UK. We will provide you with a fully insured Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack and shipping instructions. When your IWC watch arrives at our Birmingham headquarters, it will be opened on camera and evaluated by one of our experts. We then contact you with a firm offer, which you can accept through bank transfer. The entire process can take as little as 48 hours. If you would prefer to have your watch returned to you, we will mail it back to you for free through Royal Mail.
  • OR schedule an appointment: We host in-person appointments throughout the UK where your IWC watch can be assessed by our horologists in our comfortable and secure offices. We provide appointments in Birmingham every Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm, please message us to schedule your appointment. We also host monthly appointments in London. To schedule your appointment, please click the button below. During your 30 minute appointment, one of our luxury watch experts will evaluate your IWC watch, provide you with a competitive price quote and thorough explication of how we priced your timepiece. You can accept payment for your watch through bank transfer.


Click the button below to schedule your appointment today.

Bio: Written by one of our diamond, designer jewelry or luxury watch experts. With over 150 years of combined experience, our experts are able to comment on trends, share industry knowledge and provide diamond, designer jewelry and luxury watch education.

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