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How To Fill Out The Form To Sell Diamonds

Explanation Example
Shape Also known as the cut of the stone, this can normally be visually ascertained by comparing your diamond to the images in the form above. Popular shapes include: round, oval, heart, cushion, princess, baguette, emerald, radiant, marquise and pear.
Colour grade This refers to the colour of the diamond. Color grades for white diamonds range from D (colorless) – Z (light yellow). Fancy colored diamonds range from Faint – Fancy Deep.
Clarity grade This refers to the presence or absence of both internal and external imperfections in the diamond. Even though a diamond may appear to be eye-clean, it may still have imperfections visible under microscope. Clarity grades range from FL (flawless) – I3 (included).
Carat Weight This refers to the weight of the stone. Carat weight is abbreviated to ct.

Where To Get This Information

If you have paperwork: you can find this information on diamond appraisals and diamond certificates (such as GIA, AGS and IGI diamond certificates).

If you do not have any paperwork : take your stone to a local jeweller. They can normally provide you with a free, verbal appraisal with an approximate idea of the carat weight, colour and clarity grade of your stone. You do not need a written appraisal.