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WP Diamonds will offer you cash for diamonds at the best possible prices. We are experts at buying diamonds in the second hand market and will offer you much better prices than gold buyers, pawnbrokers or local jewellers. We know the markets better than anyone else in the UK, as we have direct access to the New York and international diamond markets.

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Cash for diamonds at leading prices from a trusted, well established company.

Get Paid in 24 Hours


Once our offer is accepted by you, we will transfer the funds to your bank within 24 hours. We can sometimes make payment faster than this, depending on you bank. Our minimum purchase size is £300.

We are a well capitalised company and we traded over £80m of diamonds, jewellery and watches to date.

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Best Prices

Diamond Ring Appraisal

We pay a competitive prices based on the current second-hand diamond, jewellery and watch markets. Our experts analyze trends, prices and market rate to calculate your price offer.

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Our 5 Point Valuation Process


Detailed Diamond Appraisal

Our highly trained team will go through a checklist of appraisal criteria including Weight (carat), Condition, Shape, Clarity, Colour, Fluorescence, and Cut Grade.


Metal Assessment

We analyse the metal that your diamonds are set in and factor this into the expert evaluation.


Market Assessment

We are constantly buying and selling diamonds and are at the center of the diamond industry. This gives us the unique ability to assess the market conditions and prices at the time of valuation.


The Price

We combine the detailed diamond appraisal with the market conditions and prices to provide you with the expert valuation, giving you the best possible price.


Our Offer

We then communicate the expert valuation either by telephone or by email.

Expert Valuations

Our expert diamond valuation team has accumulated over 150 years of experience valuing diamonds of all weights, cuts, clarities, and colours, and will provide you with an accurate value of your items.

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With over 150 years of combined experience in the diamond and jewellery industry, we are experts in diamond appraisal, metal assessment, and market assessment. Our process is unique and ensures that you get the best price for your diamonds or jewellery in as little time as possible.

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Our experts have a unique understanding of the second hand market.

We Pay You More

With our large, international network of partners and our high position within the diamond market, we can pay you the best price within 24-48 hours.

Best Network in the Industry

WP Diamonds is an established part of the diamond industry with a long heritage in the diamond business. In 2014 we traded more than £50m in diamonds, so you can have confidence and security in our prices and operations.

On Top Of The Market

We are constantly buying and selling large volumes of diamonds in the international diamond markets, allowing us to offer you the best and most current prices. We are constantly adjusting our prices as the market changes. We do this more often than our competitors, meaning that you are sure to be getting the fairest price at the time of offer.

A Trusted Partner Within the Diamond Industry

We have a long history in the diamond industry, starting in 2012. We’re known for our trust and transparency, and are excited to work with you.

Most Trusted

WP Diamonds is an established part of the diamond industry. We know our reputation rests on how we treat our customers, and we are determined that every customer is treated professionally and honestly. When we receive your items at our valuation center, we will assess them within the same working day. All items are evaluated by our expert valuation team and will be fairly appraised according to a wide range of factors.

We Value Your Diamonds

One of the key things to remember is that all real diamonds have a value. See our section on how to value diamonds for more information about all of the factors that we take into account when valuing the diamonds you send to us.

About WP Diamonds

With offices across the world, WP Diamonds knows the global diamond market. As a division of the largest recycled diamond buyer in Europe and the US, we can offer the fairest, most consistent prices for your diamonds, jewellery, and watches than a jewellery shop or pawnbroker.

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We are the nation's number one buyer of recycled diamonds