Sell Diamond Rings, Cash in 24 Hours

When selling your diamond rings to WP Diamonds you will get the maximum value from your asset. We buy diamond rings of all kinds and will be able to expertly value your items and offer you the best possible price.

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Sell diamond rings, any kind purchased, cash in 24 hours from accepting our offer

We Buy A Huge Variety Of Diamonds

We buy diamond rings routinely of all styles. Engagement rings are the most commonly sold type of diamond ring through WP Diamonds. They tend to have a larger original purchase price and therefore, a larger second hand value. We specialise in purchasing engagement rings, wedding rings, solitaire rings, multi-stone rings, eternity rings and designer rings.

Fairest Possible Prices

Selling diamond rings online to a company like WP Diamonds allows you to send your items to an expert team with years of experience in the international diamond industry. WP Diamonds is one of

the world’s largest diamond recyclers, operating across Europe, the USA and Asia, which means that we can pass on the advantages of our size and knowledge to our customers in the form of excellent customer service and better prices.

Maximum Value

When you sell a diamond ring to WP Diamonds, you will receive the maximum value for your item according to current market conditions. We handle thousands of enquiries from customers looking to sell diamond rings every month, one of the first

questions we hear is ‘How much is my diamond ring worth?’. The price is dependent on multiple factors and characteristics. Please fill out our form or make an appointment with one of our specialists to find out how exactly much your diamond ring is worth.

 Our Reviews

Our team of experts have years of experience in the jewellery trade at all levels. This is what gives WP Diamonds an edge over our competition. We buy and sell diamonds everyday, and take the valuation process seriously. We value

each ring on its individual merits providing you with the best possible valuation. You can see our customer reviews on our Google + page.

Our Diamond Ring Valuation Process

Selling your Diamond Rings to a company that accurately grades and values diamonds will maximise the return you are able to receive for your diamond ring. WP Diamonds does just that. Our process allows our team of experts to pay you a fair price for your diamond ring.


Detailed Diamond Ring Appraisal

Our highly trained team will take the details you provide, including Weight (carat), Condition, Shape, Clarity, Colour, Fluorescence, and Cut Grade, and provide you with an initial valuation of your ring. These are some of the 25 factors which affect how much your diamond is worth. If you have a certificate you can send it to: or upload it when you complete our online form.



We will combine the diamond price with the price of the gold or platinum that your ring is set in and include that in your initial valuation.



We are constantly buying and selling diamonds and are at the heart of the diamond industry. You have the option of sending your items to our Birmingham office via our free and insured Royal Mail service for expert evaluation.


Expert Valuation of your ring

We perform a detailed diamond appraisal and factor in market conditions as well as prices to provide you with our expert valuation for the best possible price. Our team has experience spanning a combined 150 years in diamond ring valuation. It’s in our interest to provide you with a highly competitive price, so you accept the offer.


Fast Payment

Upon accepting our offer, you will receive the money the next day payment is initiated before 4pm.

We buy Certified and Non-Certified Rings

We’re one of the few companies to buy both certified and non-certified diamonds of any colour or clarity and with our free, insured shipping service, it’s at no cost to you.

Certified Rings

Diamond rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes and can be accompanied by certificates from Gemological Laboratories such as the GIA , EGL or IGI. Having a certificate makes it easier for us to give a more accurate initial estimate on your ring, as most of the information has been verified by professionals (although the quality of grading can vary).

Non-certified Rings

WP Diamonds also buys non-certified rings. We are one of the few companies in the world that will buy all diamonds of any colour or quality, regardless of condition, as long as they are over 0.50ct for round diamonds and over 0.75ct for fancy shapes.

Sell Diamond Rings from Anywhere

Sell diamond rings from anywhere in the UK and Europe via our fully reliable, insured, free shipping service operated by Royal Mail and Brinks.

How it Works

Just like your diamonds, our process is unique. We want to give you the most accurate price and make sure that we insure your items for the right amount, so we ask that you fill out an initial valuation form. Don’t worry, it’s easy. And if things don’t work out, we send your items back to you free of charge.


Complete our online
valuation form


Receive your initial valuation
by phone or email


Ship us your items fully insured
via FedEx at no charge
or make an appointment


A member of our team will
contact you with a full
valuation and offer


If you accept, payment can be
received within 24 hours