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July 12, 2018 - Jewelry Articles
Jewellery lovers have been captivated by David Yurman jewellery and their hallmark cable motif. Since the Cable Bracelet’s inception in 1983, the cable has shaped all of Yurman’s designs as it creates appearance of movement and depth. The cable design features frequently in David Yurman jewellery as an accent, setting, clasp or carving. David Yurman jewellery is celebrated for their innovative designs and usage of unconventional materials including forged carbon, black titanium and even fragments of the 4 billion year old Gibeon meteorite. We are going to take a close look at the creation of David Yurman jewellery, the pieces that have defined the brand and how you can sell David Yurman jewellery quickly, easily and for the best price.


History of David Yurman jewellery

From a young age, David Yurman was involved in the arts, even selling his sculptures during free periods in high school. When he was 15, Yurman studied welding under sculptor Ernesto Gonzalez. During this time Yurman learned how to create 3-dimensional forms with molten metal rods. Several years later, David Yurman met his future wife, Sybil, a painter, when he worked for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. The two instantly felt a connection and Yurman describes their relationship as, “one big art project.”

sell David Yurman Jewelry

Sybil was captivated by David Yurman’s sculptures and requested him to create an artwork she could wear. David made Sybil a bronze necklace, known as Dante, which consisted of warped bronze figurines intertwined with each other. When Sybil wore this necklace to an art gallery opening, a gallerist immediately took interest in the piece and wanted to reproduce the design. In 1980, a year after David Yurman and Sybil married, the David Yurman brand was launched.

The two envisioned creating wearable works of art out of precious metals and stones. David Yurman is involved in the entire creation process, from the initial sketch to finished product while Sybil is the chief brand officer. When Yurman creates jewellery, he always asks himself if it would be something his wife would wear. Today, David Yurman is still a family-owned company, with his son Evan Yurman as the head of men’s jewellery and watches.


Most popular David Yurman Jewellery

Below are some of David Yurman’s most defining collections:

  • Cable Bracelet: Undeniably, the Cable Bracelet has been David Yurman’s most beloved design since its debut in 1983. The bracelet is composed of a twisting metal that wraps around the wrist. The final ends of the bracelet can be a discreet sterling silver, diamond encrusted or adorned with bold and colourful gemstones. When designing the cable, Sybil explains that she and her husband were captivated by intertwining forms seen in in the ancient and modern world with the cable intertwining the two. David Yurman explains, “There is a life rhythm within cable.” In 2006, the Cable Bracelet became officially known as the Cable Classics Collection. Today, we can see the influence that the Cable has had in all subsequent Yurman jewellery.
  • Albion Collection: This collection’s name comes from Albion, the oldest known name for Great Britain. This British Isles represented the beginning and end of long sea journeys for sailors. The Albion collection consists of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Yurman said, that this versatile collection can be worn, “in the boardroom, to the ballroom, or the baseball game.” All Albion jewellery have cable detailing, diamond bezel settings and gemstones adoring the centre of the piece. These gemstones may be a cluster of small diamonds or stones such as amethyst, morganite, and blue topaz with checkerboard faceting, made exclusively for this collection, which brilliantly enhances colour.

Sell David Yurman Jewelry

  • Belmont Collection: The Belmont collection was born from one of David Yurman’s greatest passions, horseback riding. David Yurman stated, “There’s nothing I like better than designing except riding my horse.” Belmont jewellery is based off of equestrian equipment, specifically the chain secured under a horse’s chin. This collection spans bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. All pieces consist of large chains that gracefully interconnect with each other. The individual chains range in design from smooth links, Yurman’s signature twisting cable motif and diamond adorned links.


How to Sell David Yurman jewellery

Looking to sell David Yurman jewellery? With WP Diamonds, you can easily sell David Yurman jewellery and enjoy new funds in your wallet. We are expert David Yurman buyers who provide a free, safe service and competitive prices. Complete our online form to receive a price quote and get payment in as little as 48 hours after. Our secure service has earned us hundreds of positive customer reviews.


After your complete our simple online form we provide two convenient methods for getting a final offer:

1. Schedule an appointment:

You can schedule an appointment to sell your David Yurman jewellery at one of our modern and secure UK offices. We provide appointments Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm at our Birmingham location. We also host monthly appointments in London and appointments throughout the year at our New York and Hong Kong. Please message us to schedule your appointment at one of our UK, US or Hong Kong locations. During your appointment, your David Yurman jewellery will be examined and priced by our jewellery experts. You can accept payment for your pieces through bank transfer.

Click the button below to schedule you appointment.

2. Mail-in your jewellery:

This is our most popular option thanks to the speed and convenience of our service.

We provide a free, fully insured and trackable mailing service so you can easily send in your David Yurman jewellery from the convenience of your home. We will send you a Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack along with instructions on how to safely package your items. When your David Yurman jewellery arrives at our office it will be promptly evaluated by one of our experts. We will then contact you with a firm price offer and detailed explanation of how we came to that price. If you like your offer you can receive payment by bank transfer. If you would rather have your jewellery back, we will send it back to you for free through Royal Mail Special Delivery Pack for free.

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