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“Was a bit skeptical about selling a diamond online and especially sending it off. But after reading other reviews and “checking them out”, the experience was painless and worry free. From the initial form submission describing my diamond, Holly was their representative throughout the process. We maintained an email string and she was quick to address any questions or concerns.

I received an initial offer, sent my diamond via FedEx, which they paid for shipping and insurance. They evaluated it, and I received an offer over the phone from Holly that was above what I expected. Funds were in my account a day later. This was a great experience from start to finish and I would hope other’s will feel comfortable dealing with them. Great service, great communication, and a GREAT price!”


Misti Fragen

“The decision to sell my diamonds was not an easy one. After a painful divorce, I sat with this decision, and my jewelry for some time. After shopping around to some local jewelers and being extremely unsatisfied with what their offers were for my items, I decided to look online at the urging of some of my friends who had gone through some similar situations. I found WP Diamonds, did some research and decided to go with them after reading reviews and feeling very confident in Holly’s communication with me.

The experience was nothing short of wonderful. The price for my diamonds was at least 55% more than I was quoted locally, and the customer service, confidence and communication was top notch. I have since sold additional diamond jewelry to them, and will continue to recommend them to anyone who has these needs. They are by far the best there is.”


Ken Langdon

 “Outstanding service. The entire process took less than 48 hours. Instructions were simple and easy to follow. They did everything they said they would do in the time frame specified. I would highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone looking to sell their diamonds.”


Chris Ortiz

“The experience that I have had with WP Diamonds has been nothing no less 5 star quality. They were very upfront with information that I needed. They also touched base with me and kept me updated on the processing of my diamonds. The turnover for estimates on my diamonds were quick and very reasonable. They were offering for my diamonds way more than any other jeweler I had visited previously. WP Diamonds is true to their word in every way. I would definitely recommend this business and would go back myself in a heart beat.”


Natalie Tincher

“Mark at WP Diamonds was lovely to work with. The process was very efficient and pleasant. Most important, it was very fair. I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of at all–instead I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness. In the end, my offer was higher than any places I had been to previously, and I received a check on the spot.   I can’t say enough great things about my experience! Thanks!”


Aimee Wheeler

 “I had a wonderful experience with WP Diamonds. They gave me the highest instant offer for my diamond and made the process of selling ring very easy. They paid my shipping, insured my diamond and kept their original offer after receiving it. The funds were in my account less than 24 hours after I signed the agreement. The staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone who wants to sell their jewelry.”


LaShan Jenkins

“I would remiss if I did not give a huge Thank You to Mark Salinaro who provided exceptional Customer Service from the point of contact to the close of transaction. Mark was so personable, professional, and knowledgeable that I was anxiety free and relaxed through the whole process, unlike another company I was going to use before I found WP Diamonds. WP Diamonds is first class from the Website, Customer Service, and Sale. As a Real Estate Professional, WP Diamonds caused me to improve my Customer Service process.”

Professionalism + Integrity + Knowledge= WP Diamonds

Thanks again Mark and the WP Diamonds Staff!


Sarah Madjlesi

“This process was much, much easier and faster than I ever imagined. Plus, they offered me exactly what I was hoping to get out of my ring. Holly was so helpful. I emailed her on a Friday, she sent me a label the same day, my ring arrived to her on Monday morning. And the money deposited to my bank account just 1 hour after I accepted her offer. This is the best service experience I have had in a very long time. I intend to do business with her again and I highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone in need of selling their diamond jewelry.”

Ibrahim- Birmingham

“1: I would describe my experience with WP Diamonds as very professional and efficient service. The staff were friendly as its a service which is like long distance transaction they made me feel safe and comfortable enough to trust them. They called when they say the would and every promise they made they didn’t alter.

2: without a doubt with the service WP Diamonds gave me I would recommend them to anyone who wants to sell their Diamond items

3: WP Diamonds did not meet the price I had in mind initially , but they explained to me that the colour wasn’t the colour they expected and it was a colour down and they was only a few pounds off anyways and there service was very professional and trustworthy.”

Ibrahim sold a Solitaire ring with a single 0.71c round diamond with a H colour and Si2 clarity

Roberta- Nottingham

“I had been searching for ages for a company that I felt was trustworthy enough to sell my jewellery to, after months of looking on eBay and try and find out what price I can get for my second hand jewellery I contacted WP diamonds. The first person I spoke to was Aaron Zucker, I really really friendly American who basically sent me out the details of everything I had to do and actually gave me time to think about it and research the company before I came to a decision. Because of the fact that he actually called me and talk me through the process of what would happen I actually decided that his company was the best to send my jewellery too and have done this with two pieces of my jewellery, and went on to send them a third piece.

WP diamonds is a really efficient company, and I’m not saying that because I’ve dealt with them I’m saying that because I’ve dealt with a lot of other companies who don’t offer the same kind of service or give you the understanding vets often should come with jewellery and the sentimentality that you may hold for it. I would recommend that anyone searching to sell Jewellery be it with diamonds or not go to WP diamonds first and if you’re lucky you may get to speak to Aaron.”

Roberta sold a Tiffany ring and necklace.

Louise- Nottingham

“Selling a piece of jewellery was a big decision for me which I did not undertake lightly- I had had the ring 20 years and had never taken it off. However once the decision was made I started doing research online and WP Diamonds had a high profile and I rang for an initial discussion. My advisor, Jordan, was extremely reassuring and understood my anxieties. He gave me an indication of the price I could expect which was exactly what I expected it to be. I did feel very anxious sending off my jewellery to someone I didn’t know and did more research and rang the British Jewellery association who confirmed that WP were registered with them and there were no records of any complaints.

Once I had sent the piece off in the next day envelope Jordan confirmed receipt and explained when the valuers would be in to assess the ring which they did within 2 days. Jordan went through the valuation thoroughly and explained exactly the colour, clarity and cut of each of the stones- it was clearly an expert assessment. He then explained the offer which I was happy with and accepted.

Once that offer was made it took from the Friday till the Tuesday for the money to go into my account.

I would recommend WP for the excellent service they offered me and the price I received was a fair one. The transaction was smooth and Jordan dealt with all my anxieties in a very professional way.The only negative was the slight delay on the transfer as it was Christmas Eve- I would avoid holidays in the future.”

Louise sold a beautiful 3 stone engagement ring.

Mark- Hempstead

“I was very impressed at the professional manner my sale was handled. It was a very simple and easy process and I would highly recommend your company to others needing this type of service. The price offered was a fair price and the money was transferred to my bank the next working day as promised.”

Mark sold a GIA Certified, Round Cut Diamond Solitaire ring.

Sarra- London

“I found WP’s service to be extremely efficient and I was very impressed. After receiving my indicative valuation I was sent a pre paid post bag to send my diamond to them in. The valuation was quick too and at a price I was happy with and the funds sent to my account in a speedy manner. Overall very quick and professional and the communication was excellent.”

Sarra sold a beautiful 1.06 diamond solitaire engagement ring with a VS2 clarity.

Candida- Shropshire

“WP Diamonds were so easy and quick to deal with, helpful and polite with any questions I had. Even though my sale was mainly done via email, the service was superb and the quote even better. I would thoroughly recommend them to friends and family. Jordan was especially helpful and efficient, thank you!”

Candida sold 3 rings including a GIA certified diamond, she also ‘Self Sent’ her items to WP Diamonds.

Nicola- Burton-On-Trent

“I used WP Diamonds to sell 4 rings. I visited their office in Birmingham where I received an extremely friendly yet professional approach. The process was explained to me throughout, the weight, clarity etc of the diamonds and accurate online platinum prices were used. Overall, I feel WP Diamonds were very fair and that I received a good price (having taken my rings to jewellers beforehand so I had an idea), the money was transferred directly to my bank account and when I checked the next day the money had cleared. I would certainly recommend them.”

Nicola sold 4 rings, one of the rings featured a beautiful 0.5ct Radiant diamond with an E colour and VS1 clarity.

Helen- Manchester

“The service I received from WPDiamonds, was great, very quick and easy. I would definitely recommend their services, my offer was a bit lower than what I had previously been offered on E-bay, but I was unsure of the fees and the security of selling online, but with WPDiamonds there was NO fees or hassle as they kept me informed on every stage of the sale. So worth it!!!” 

Helen sold a princess trilogy engagement ring, which boasted of 0.70ct and of the following specs: I colour SI2 clarity.

Richard- County Durham

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on my dealings with WP Diamonds and I would like to thank you personally for the way in which you carried out these.

WP Diamonds have acted in a very professional manner in my dealings with them. They have shown patience and understanding with all my dealings with them and I would have no problem in recommending them.”

Richard sold 3 fancy GIA stones: a 1.02 ct pear shaped diamond, a 0.11ct fancy pink and a 0.82ct fancy yellow.

Suzanne- Leeds

“From start to finish WP Diamonds were a pleasure to deal with. Quick to respond to all emails, sending out envelope, valuating and processing payment.

Yes I would highly recommend others to use this service as they give a fair price and save you taking your pieces to other store to get a price. Just one quick trip to the post office and the rest you can do from home.

I think the price offered was a fair price for the item. I think people need to remember that when they have an item they are not going to get back what they paid for it as they paid the going retail price.”

Suzanne sold a 1ct loose diamond, with H colour and SI2 clarity.

Alan- London

“In looking to sell my diamond I took it to 9 jewellers located in Hatton Garden, London and 3 in the jewellery district of Birmingham. Most quoted around the £5,000 mark but 3 offered £3,500 or below and only 1 stood out at £6,000, after considerable haggling.

In Hatton Garden, many were obsessed with pressing me on what previous offers I had received rather than making a fair market value offer on the merits of the diamond alone; it was not a pleasant experience.

I visited WP diamonds in Birmingham and they secured my business by making an immediate offer of £6,500. Their customer service was streets ahead of the experience of Hatton Garden and I received payment the following day into my account. I wouldn’t hesitate to use WP Diamonds again.”

Alan sold a 1.83 ct ring with a F colour, SI2 clarity and with a Very Good cut grade.

Rob- London

“My experience with WP Diamonds from start to finish was fantastic. It was very professional and friendly. From a rapid response to my initial enquiry to the quick valuation to the quick bank transfer, all parts of your service and business were first class. I was very pleased with what I thought was a very fair price for my diamond. I would definitely recommend your company and would definitely do business with you again in the future.

Thanks for all your help and making the experience as easy and pain free as possible.”

Rob sold a charming 1.56 carat ring with a round E coloured diamond with SI 2 clarity.

Yousouf- County Durham

“I stumbled upon WP Diamonds on google as I was looking for a easy and quick transaction for a diamond piece I had to sell. Literally took 2 weeks from contacting the staff to receiving payment straight into my account. I have to admit I was a bit spectacle sending the diamond piece via post however the Special Delivery pre-paid pack was sent to my address and was reassured with the insurance details and confirmation once the parcel was delivered. The added bonus was the valuation was the highest I received after visiting 10+ Jewellers, highly recommend as they are safe reliable and secure.”

Yousouf sold a beautiful platinum engagement ring with a GIA certified Princess diamond of D colour and VS2 clarity.

Peter- Essex

“I was a bit wary about selling a diamond over the internet but trustworthy and process fairly smooth. Offered a sensible price and once agreed payment within 24 hours as promised. Would recommend to others.”

Peter sold a 1.053ct with VVS2 clarity and an F could, his diamond was a round brilliant. The diamond was set in platinum

Sarah- London

“Fantastic service. Very professional yet still friendly and personal. Did exactly what they said they would do. I was contacted within a few days and got a price I was very happy with. The money arrived in my account within a few days. Aaron was helpful every step of the way. This really is a great service I would highly recommend!”

Sarah sold a GIA certified 0.52ct engagement ring.

Karen- Frankfurt, Germany

“I needed to sell my wedding ring quickly and yes, I would recommend WP. It was a terrific learning experience regarding how the diamond business works, and the money I received will help me immensely with my tax debt. So, overall it was a good experience.”

Karen sold a 1.06ct engagement ring, with one Princess Cut diamond of E color and VS1 clarity.

Jennifer- Boston

“WP Diamonds were helpful walking me through the process of selling my diamonds. I would recommend WP Diamonds; they are professional and honest in their assessments and pay quickly.”

Jennifer sold a pair of stud earrings. They have a 1.0 tcw, and have the following specs: G color, and I1 clarity.

Ray- Houston

“At first I was hesitant to send a valuable piece of jewelry to a buyer I found on the internet but after spending my time going to wholesale buyers and consignment shops it seemed to be an efficient way to sell the piece as long as I was treated fairly. WP’s customer service agent was able to calm my fears and helped me to trust the company and the process.

I absolutely would recommend WP Diamonds to anyone that has valuable jewelry that they have decided to sell. The process from start to finish took less than one week and the communication I received throughout the process was excellent.

WP paid a fair price for our jewelry and provided payment the day after we agreed on a number – excellent service – fair pricing and efficient process – I will use White Pine in the future for all of my jewelry selling and buying needs.”

Kelly- Chicago

“It has been so easy to work with WP and you were very helpful. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

Kelly sold a marquise solitaire ring. It weighed 1.02 cts and had the following specs: E colour, and I1 clarity.

Rita- Cleveland

“I was hesitant at first to contact WP Diamonds, as I’d located them via an Internet search. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the friendly, prompt service I received, as well as getting a good dollar value for my jewelry.

Their representation was very helpful and quickly responded to any questions or concerns that I had. Customer service is second to none!

I highly recommend WP Diamonds to anyone who is looking to get the best return on their jewellery. The entire process was quick, efficient and their customer service is excellent!”

Rita sold a diamond unity ring with a .71 tcw. The center stone, weighing .40 cts, was a round shaped diamond coloured G, with a clarity of SI2. The side stones all had H to I colours, with clarities of VS2 to SI1.