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WP Diamonds was founded in 2012 with the belief that everyone should be able to sell their diamonds and jewelry quickly and safely online. With our sister company White Pine Trading supporting us, we’ve grown to have buyers and operations on three continents, bought thousands of diamonds and have some of the best experts in the industry. Find out more about WP Diamonds on our Youtube channel, our Facebook page and Google + page.

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Started in 2010
by White Pine Diamonds

White Pine created an industry
we pioneered the recycling of diamonds,
purchasing In Europe and the USA

We firmly believe that the
experience of selling your valuable items
should be comparable to
the experience you enjoyed
when purchasing them

In just 4 years,
WP Diamonds grew to have
15 expert valuators

with over 150 years of

We now buy designer jewelry and watches

6 Locations Worldwide

Including the US, UK, Spain and Canada

$75 million traded last year

1.25 million people have looked to sell their items to WP Diamonds to date

Thousands of new customers every month

Thousands of appointments booked

The best Google+ Reviews in the industry

We offer a 100% trust guarantee: reject our offer and trust us to return your items

Reputation is everything to us at WP Diamonds, we value our customers and strive to provide a professional and reputable service