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Please watch our video on How To Sell Diamonds With WP Diamonds above and read about the process below. Call us on 0121 288 8280 with any questions that you may have.

For much more detail on the Insurance and Delivery, visit here.

WP Diamond’s 100% Trust Guarantee

Should you choose not to move forward with our offer, we guarantee 100% that we will return your item. We return items speedily. WP Diamonds aims to provide you not only with the best price but also the best possible experience when selling your luxury goods. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and hassle-free service with no obligation to accept our offer.

Stage 1 - Completing the Valuation Form
When you sell diamonds online to WP Diamonds you can get a much more accurate Initial Valuation by filling out the valuation form in as much detail as possible. You can upload certificates which will make our assessments even more accurate. To do this click on START on one of the options above. When you submit the form our team will get to work handling your enquiry.

Stage 2 - Handling Your Enquiry
WP Diamonds will get in contact with you shortly after completing the form on the site to provide with an Initial Valuation or ask for a copy of the certificate or jewellers appraisal you might have. The valuation will be based on the information you have provided, we might need to ask you some more questions via phone or email to clarify the approximate worth of your diamond items. We buy diamonds with a minimum second hand value of £300.

Stage 3 - Shipping your items
WP diamonds will provide you with FREE shipping and FREE insurance so you can send your items to our valuation center to obtain a full Expert Valuation.You will be issued with a pack sent to your address which will contain your insured and free Royal Mail overnight shipping package.

Stage 4 - Expert Valuation
Our team of experts have accumulated over 55 years of diamond valuation experience. They we will inspect your items in detail and will be able to provide you with the best possible price for your rings, jewelry or loose diamonds. They take into account a range of factors in giving a valuation of diamonds.

Stage 5 - Accepting the offer to receive cash within 24 hours
We will contact you as soon as your expert valuation is completed. Having a team of highly experienced valuers means you will always get the most accurate price possible. The prices we give always reflect the market for second hand diamonds. We change our prices more frequently than anyone else and having traded £50million of diamonds in 2013 we are at the leading edge of the industry.
As soon as you have accepted our valuation we will set the wheels in motion and transfer the money to you as soon as possible via bank transfer and can usually have we the money in your account within 24 hours. Sometimes much sooner.

The whole process from making and enquiry to having the money in your account can take as little as 4 days.

WPD Trust Guarantee
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